Friday, January 3, 2014


I was incredibly blessed in 2013 and now that I've taken time to look back on all of the beautiful memories I created, I also wanted to carve out time to reflect on my resolutions from last year and set some goals for 2014 as well. Oh and to of course share some pictures of New Year's Eve. Duh.

2013 Resolutions:
I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.
I will prioritize singing in the choir in the 6pm mass.
I will let myself relax.
I will document my life in a reasonable and non-pressured way.
I will do good things for my body.
I will love myself. 

2013 Reflections:

Well y'all I think I did pretty well. Good for me that I set kind resolutions! I feel as though I did really well with relaxing, loving myself, and documenting my life. First, I learned that when I work hard, I tend to relax hard as well. Switching jobs twice in 2013 and learning new skills and new people taught me so much but most of all it challenged me. I've never worked so hard. So when I come home at night, I don't feel guilty about relaxing. In fact, I feel damn good about sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. It's a really nice feeling. 

I also think that I was more gentle with myself last year - an accomplishment of which I am very proud. I mostly did good things for my body... until I didn't. But even when I wasn't exercising, I was still nice to myself. I loved myself which sounds completely silly to type but is so very important. Weight goes up and down, hair looks pretty or I hate it, but I'm still me and I deserve to hear nice things from myself. I encourage you to try this one. 

And documenting, well shucks, I couldn't ask for a better little blog. Yesterday marked one year of She is Moments and I couldn't be happier. Most importantly, I'm not killing myself to meet some forced standard I set. I blog when I can and I enjoy it. I didn't post for my one year bloggaversary yesterday. Did I feel a little bad? For a minute, yes. And then I continued eating Chipotle with my fiance and future sister-in-law and laughing about Pantone colors for the wedding. Because that is more important. 

I did fairly well at singing in the choir. Man do I love it when I'm there but it is hard to motivate myself to get off of the couch and go an hour early! My choir director will be leading the music at my wedding this year (one of the elements about which I am most excited!) so I have good reason to motivate myself to go now!

All this is to say that I am getting better at holding myself to a standard of grace and not perfection. It will be a constant battle for me, but it's definitely something worth fighting for.

2014 Resolutions:
Be present.

2014 Reflections:

What? Only one?

Yes. In 2014, I will be. I have so many exciting things coming up this year and I will not miss any of them because I will live each moment fully focused on where I am.

The obvious one is my wedding. I am already dedicating so much time and intention to the big day that I can feel myself getting nostalgic already. It hasn't even happened yet! But I don't want to miss it. So, each day, each stress, each vendor and color and piece of lace I will really enjoy. 

I will savor the little details and each once in a lifetime experience. I will relish the magazines and I will even enjoy eating extra veggies and exercising. I will glow with excitement and anticipation and feel every inch of gratitude for the support and love I receive from my family.

I will also be fully present in my everyday life. I will look at my phone when I can focus on it. I will be fully engaged when I visit Grandpa. I will be calm and present in the car to and from work. I will enjoy my job and dedicate my energy to each task. I will be in each moment. 

2014, I love you already. 


  1. You had an excellent year -- and your resolution to be present in 2014 is an awesome one! That's usually my go-to, and I was especially serious about it last year. You're right: you'll want to soak up every moment of the planning process. Totally feel you on the nostalgia before something has even happened . . . that's exactly how I felt, too.

    In fact, I was so worried I'd forget all the details leading up to the big day, I started a Shutterfly album to document them all. I took pictures of every appointment, craft project, meeting and tasting, then "scrapbooked" them in my album as I went along. It's one of the best ideas I've had, because I didn't wait until the end to try and remember everything (impossible!). I included the official pictures from my sister's wedding (in September) and ours at the end: the culmination of an exciting year. :) I have a little more to include before I print it, but I'm so excited to relive it. If that sounds like something you'd like, I highly suggest it!

  2. Ooooooh this sounds like a great thing to try! I'm going to investigate a Shutterfly account now!

  3. What a wonderful 2013 and how well you've accomplished the things you wanted to. :) I love your 2014 goal. In this fast paced, technology-centered world, just BEING present is so important. Love this!

  4. I love how you two summed up the past year and made some resolutions for 2014! Looks like y'all had a lovely year :] That be present one is always a struggle and will probably never graduate from my goals list. Happy I popped over!

  5. I love your resolution for this year, and I think it's something we all should work towards. Life can fly by so quickly when we're constantly looking to improve something about ourselves, our life, our job, etc. By just being and living in the moment, I'm sure there are even more blessings sprinkled about that may have been overlooked or not noticed before. Such an inspiring resolution!


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