Monday, February 10, 2014


Sometimes your best friend comes to visit. And she brings her lovely boyfriend. And you have such a wonderful weekend that you don't even mind going back to work on Monday.

Ok, you mind a little bit, but mostly not because you had so much fun and feel so much better about your life. :)

KJ and Mike came to DC this weekend and we had a blast. One of the highlights was our delicious and hilarious dinner on Friday night at Masa 14.

Masa 14
Asian Fusion Tapas
1825 14th St. NW
Washington, DC

After offering Kristin two choices of dinner, drinks and dancing in Arlington or DC she picked the DC excursion and we set of in a cab around 6:45 after what I think may be my most rapid hair curling effort of all time.

We arrived at Masa 14 about 10 minutes past our reservation but had no trouble getting seated right away. The ambiance of the restaurant was really cool. My friends Allison and Chris had recommended it so we knew the food was going to be good but we were also very pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. The restaurant had a modern, upscale feel but with a funky edge.

Our waiter was very friendly and handled us with honesty even after his manager completely messed up a bottle of wine we ordered. Here's the short and hilarious version:

We order the bottle of wine on house special.
The waiter informs us they are out of it but the manager is getting a different bottle.
We talk.
Our food comes.
We eat.
The manager comes over and says, "Oh we actually do have the bottle..."

Don't worry, KJ got us free dessert in addition to the free bottle after one of the most hilarious conversations I have EVER heard where Kaje held strong for a discount.

Though the wine was late, the food was right on time and extremely tasty. Masa serves Asian fusion style so we had hand rolls and lo mein in addition to grilled salmon and flatbread. It was delicious but obviously the portions were tiny. For 3 people I think we ordered 5 plates and 3 hand rolls. I was mostly full as in I was satiated but could have definitely eaten more.

Recommendations - make a resi and check out the spicy tuna hand roll and the cauliflower. To die for. Also the lo mein noodles were delish.

For those who are curious, after the Dinner portion of the evening we went to The Gibson, a local speakeasy for drinks and then Policy Bar for dancing. Winning combo.


  1. Glad you guys had fun together! And that your waiter was so friendly despite the wine mix up!

  2. The food was really great! I recommend it for a fun night out!


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