Thursday, February 13, 2014


Josh and I heading out of town this weekend, so we celebrated Valentine's day last night. So So good was our meal that I just have to share it with you. 

Like much of the East Coast, DC is in the midst of snow storm right now. Safety first, we decided to change our dinner plans last night and walk into Clarendon for some local eats. My roommate Katie recommended the Green Pig Bistro and it was delicious. 

The night started out well... I was wearing make-up. Big win. I actually got some new stuff that I'm really liking so I'll have to post on that later. 

After trudging through the snow, which was kind of nice actually to be outside in the fresh and quiet air, we sat down and immediately settled on a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and the pork ribs for an appetizer. Those ribs were tasty! For those of you who like a little kick, they were just perfect. I don't like too much spice at these were at the top of my tolerance but still delish. The shredded celery also cut the spice a bit when dipped in the blue cheese drizzle on the plate. Pretty and yummy!

Green Pig took the dinner to the next level. I thought the apps were good but the main course was sooooo good! I had the rock fish, and it was very good, however it was the veggies underneath that were the real treat. The entire meal was served over creamed cippolini onions. I've never had them prepared this way and it was out of this world! On top of that was brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes cooked with pork belly. THE FLAVORS WERE UNREAL!

Josh loved his burger and dessert was a chocolate lava cake that we were so obsessed with that we forgot to photograph before we devoured it. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

We will definitely be coming back to this little piggy and I recommend that you do too!

The walk home was slower than the way there as we were so full but Thor (my coat from undergrad in Chicago) kept me warm.

We even walked our initials in the fresh snow. Valentine's date success!

Note: This post wasn't sponsored in any way. I just really liked the food. :)

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  1. Very cute, and looks like a lovely evening! We have a few restaurants within walking distance and I always think about how romantic it would be to just head out and pad down in the snow, but then I feel nervous/lazy and we wind up driving or staying in, haha. Glad you're getting out there for the rest of us! And mmm, chocolate lava cake. The best!


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