Thursday, February 20, 2014


 Pretty much any trip that starts off with a tiny baby in a polar bear snowsuit is going to be a good one.

On a very snowy Valentine's Day, Josh and I headed in a cab (bad decision) to the airport to fly to Denver to visit his very best friends from college. Of the four couples, I'm the only one who didn't attend William & Mary, but they have adopted me into their group and I was so excited to see everyone!

Destination Denver worked out well as Josh's Godson Daniel is a bit tricky to fly with and that's where he lives. Plus - we got to go skiing in Breckenridge!

Honestly, the trip was a comedy of errors: our flight was delayed on the way out by 3 hours, we couldn't check in to our ski house until after a full day of skiing, Daniel wasn't the happiest baby while traveling, 7 out of the 8 of us got a violent stomach virus for the last two days of the trip, the United servers were down on our way home, and Maggie and Elijah had their flight cancelled completely. Woof. 

But despite all of this insane and unexpected drama, the weekend was still a hit. Josh killed it on the slopes after not skiing for close to 20 years. I was so proud watching him face his fears and get better and more confident with each run. Casey and I ventured to the tippy top of Peak 6 and I felt like I was skiing out of the Grinch's cave dwelling. We cooked together, lounged together, and heck, we even vommed together. I think Kelly put it best as we were walking back from the Breckenridge Brewery to avoid getting sick in the car: "If we weren't friends before, we are now."

I am so grateful that my fiance has such wonderful friends, and even more excited that I get to call them my own now. :)

Too bad I didn't get to drink any of this deliciousness - I'll have to add the Breck Brewery back on my list of things to do when I'm not sick!

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