Friday, April 11, 2014


Happy Friday everyone! Seriously, it's the best day of the week and I cannot wait to snuggle up on my couch tonight after work, watch some quality reality TV on TLC, do 456 loads of laundry, and hit the hay early. Heaven.

For now though, let's dig into an essential step of planning your own wedding. Chances are that since you've been through the budget conversation, landed on the size of your guest list, and started a venue search, you have already thought about what you want your wedding to look like. Now is the fun part... get on Pinterest, buy 10 magazines at CVS and start making a collage, and just sit back and day dream about what you envision for your wedding.

Creating a vision board (whether online, in hard copy, or in your head) that you and your fiance can agree on and get excited about is key. This will help you pick vendors and have some direction when you begin to make decisions on decor. That will come in time. For now, just find images that really speak to you and colors. What colors do you and your fiance love?

While he might not want to look at bridal magazines, I suggest showing your fiance images you are cutting out and asking him what he likes and doesn't like. I know Josh really wanted to be included in all decisions and though most of the time he is quiet... if he hates something, he let me know!

For my wedding I'm not quite as crazy as grown sexy but after looking at my pinterest board vision I think playful romance really captures what Josh and I would like for our wedding. We want fun, relaxed, dinner and dancing with soft details and a romantic touch.

Which of the below images do you gravitate towards?





  1. We went for a mix of classic and romantic when we got married. So so so many candles. :) If we were to get married today, it would be far more simple. On a beach. Just family and our best friends. I loved our wedding and it was perfect for who we were at the time, though. :)

  2. Ooooooh! (Almost) congrats then. :)

    When you do get engaged I can't wait to hear all about it! I have been having the most fun planning my wedding and have way more tips for managing any related stress than I did when I started.

    A farm wedding would be gorgeous! Josh and I loved the idea of a barn with twinkle lights but couldn't find the right one around here. I love that idea!

  3. Rach that is so interesting to hear how you would do it differently now. I often wonder that. How will we look back on this?

    Maybe at your 10 year anniversary or something you can renew your vows on a beach. :)

  4. Yeah, definitely! We actually renew our vows every year. So for our fourth anniversary we DID renew our vows on the beach! It was awesome! And this past year (our 5th) we went to Italy and renewed our vows in Rome which was by far the best yet! Though it's always just the two of us. Maybe for a big anniversary down the road we'll do a beach renewal and invite family and friends. :)

    And you know, it's okay to want something totally different at different points in your life. You are a different person today than you were 10 years ago and you will be a different person 10 years from now. Your tastes change. Trends change. Just do what you love and it will be great. I don't regret anything about our wedding because it was true to who we were at the time! :)


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