Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I've been feeling a lot lately that I'm not quite sure what God is calling me to do with the greater purpose of my life. But I feel Him tugging gently at me, reminding me that He is there. I am doing my best to wait. But what an interesting spiritual challenge that is. To wait. With faith and hope and anticipation, but to wait.

I also have a thought that keeps bubbling up into my mind: How can I help others? I have many strengths (talking to anyone has to be #1) but in my current 9 to 5 position I don't directly serve. When I think about what brings me joy or what my purpose in life is (while I wait, of course) I always come back to people.

Connection is paramount in my life. I love listening to someone's problems, telling her mine, offering a solution, validating a feeling and being present for another. Being present. What a true gift that is when you can just be with a friend, family member, spouse, child, etc.

In tandem with these thoughts, I've also - true confessions - been going through a funk. What? You too? Yeah, this winter was rough. My life is incredibly blessed and I am healthy and loved and have a roof over my head and a full belly. So you can imagine that it makes me even more infuriated when I'm grumpy for no reason. (Or even for a trivial reason that shouldn't break me down at a core level.)

As the air has been getting warmer, I've percolated an idea to simultaneously lift me out of my unnecessary but very human funk and serve you, my readers and my friends, by fostering joy and authenticity in my life and motivating it in yours.

Starting tomorrow, I bring you The May Project.

The goal of this campaign is simple: take positive actions to enhance your well-being and support yourself as you fall in love with living more and more each day.

I don't mean to sound vague but I want to emphasize that this movement is designed to be customized for what is good and beneficial for you. There is no right way to make a healthy or joy-inducing choice. It will be different for all of us.

My goal for The May Project is that we positively support each other's choices and consciously choose to do things that will bring us joy throughout the month. 

Some of the ways in which I am going to make positive choices in May for my well-being include:

  • Eating delicious (and not processed and crappy) foods
  • Taking pride in what I wear to work and how I present myself to others
  • Choosing activity over inactivity
  • Practicing stillness and unplugging where I can
  • Learning new photography skills and challenging myself

I encourage you to intentionally practice positive choices for yourself for 31 days in a row and share your success with me through #TheMayProject on instagram, twitter, and even pinterest. I can't wait to see pictures or thoughts centered around anything that makes you a better you.

Do good. Wear pink. Eat dark chocolate. Walk through a garden. And share it with us so we can affirm every wonderful choice you make.

Joy is contagious. Let's cause an epidemic.


  1. After such a terrible winter, I definitely found myself in a funk, too -- and I'm still adjusting to the green world again! I think this is a great idea and intend to join you in May. :) Lots to be thankful for, but also lots I would like to improve. I'm going to start with getting more sleep each night and drinking more water, less caffeine (tough, but I really need to). Here's to healthy, joyful steps!

  2. So glad you'll be joining me Meg!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great project! I like your specific goals. Eating whole foods, being active, etc... good stuff!


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