Saturday, May 31, 2014


Happy Friday everyone! I had a super busy one today. Workout/OTH this morning, a full day of work with some video editing and meetings, ran to an audition at lunch, and then headed straight to the airport to catch my flight to Albany. I have so much to say though (Who me? Verbose?) that instead of taking my normal homeless woman nap with my mouth open on the plane, I'm catching up with you instead. Gotta love laptops.

So this week was a biggie for our wedding prep and I'm so excited to have crossed an important item off of our list--We ordered our invitations. It's official, after several rounds of proofs with Invitations by Dawn we gave the final approval today and sent them on to the printer. Eeeee so nerve-wracking!

Though we originally ordered them last week, we did a little something special to make the invitations a little more 'us'.

As you may or may not know, Josh designed our save the dates. By hand. From scratch. Oh yeah, he does graphic design in addition to his filmmaking and photography. I'm marrying such a creative. :)

So after he made the STD post cards in Photoshop, I decided that I also had to learn this fabulous tool and started playing around with some of the STD elements to create us a wedding logo.

You guys, it was so much fun! I think I created about a thousand different logos. Fine five. But it felt like a thousand. The best part was that we were able to use this personal logo on our invitations! I am really proud to have contributed something to our day like this. The STDs were so special because Josh made them by hand after we had talked through and I'd sketched (terribly) some ideas.

After a brief tutorial of Photoshop from Josh (my first few hours were spent cursing at the computer because nothing was working), I decided to use the state of Virginia from our STD as the base of the logo. Josh and I both grew up in VA for most of our lives, we met here, fell in love here, and live here now. I will tell you when I was growing up I never thought I'd come back to the area. But now, it's like I fell in love with the state for the first time. It's just home. And home is always a good place to start.

Then I added a swirly design to match the existing design on the invitation suite and played around with the fonts that Invitations by Dawn could offer that I could also download to use in our logo. We settled on Mahogany Script for the cursive and Copperplate for the print. I love the way it turned out.

Now how does this logo design relate to marriage? Well the final logo looks great, but along the way I would try something then run it by Josh and he would like some parts and not others. My initial reaction was always, "well my way is better," but a large part of me kept reminding me that this is OUR wedding and OUR logo. Not mine. My way is now irrelevant. So is Josh's way. We had to find something that worked for us.

When I would get frustrated making edits, Josh would offer to do a little tweaking and I'd send him over the file. We went back and forth several times and kept changing things back, trying new combinations of initials and date placement, and ultimately we ended up with a logo that makes both of us happy. Not because we both think everything about it is perfect, but because we made it together.

And isn't that marriage right there? It will not be perfect but it will be something we make together. With a lot of effort and careful consideration and hopefully love. Josh and I both have strong opinions - which came to the forefront of this graphic project - but in many cases I just needed to let go of control. Do I really care about single swirl v. double swirl? No. I care about having my voice heard and making sure my future husband feels the same way. What fun is a custom logo if Josh isn't as much a part of it as I am. Or if he let's me do whatever I want but doesn't like the end result.

I don't want a passive partner (and am so lucky he isn't!) because a one-woman show isn't nearly as meaningful as a life created TOGETHER.

I look at our logo with love. We made it together, each with different points, suggestions, times of leadership and times of compromise. I hope we can live out our marriage in the same way, I look forward to carefully working on our life with Josh.


  1. Aww, I love how you guys worked together on this! :)

  2. Cute! I didn't know you grew up around here! I'm a graphic designer, and I didn't even think to have a logo for our wedding, but then again we aren't having a "traditional" wedding.


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