Thursday, May 15, 2014


Sometimes blogging can introduce you to some pretty great people. Like, Bree Ryback. She's delightful and I was so happy to finally meet her in person at her first Capital Romance Workshop with CIAO NINA held at the Ulysses Room in DC.

Let me break this down for you. For only $25 (when most wedding workshops are in the hundreds) you get sangria, delish food, to-go treats, a DIY craft that you can recreate at your own wedding, and time to spend with other like-minded brides. It was awesome.

Also, the space was adorable, modern, intimate and it offered street parking. Heaven on earth pretty much.

Keep reading for my key takeaways on the above listed awesome parts of this workshop.


Sangria and Delish Food
The snacks were amazing. I shouldn't have eaten lunch before I went. There was sangria and chocolate chip cookies from Simply Breathe Events, iced tea (which was way more delicious than I've had before) from Runningbyrd Tea Company, and a really satiating white bean salad from Eat and Smile Catering. If you're going to the next one, come hungry. Also, I took two cookies to go. So worth it. :)

To-Go Treats
I had never had candy from Choco Tenango before but man! So yummy. It was our little to-go present and it was so yummy when I had it at work on Monday. I'm glad I saved them. We also got adorable notepads from ribbons & bluebirds which for this Type A student was essential. 

DIY Craft
The main event was making wire-beaded hair accessories with Nina. At first, I thought mine looked a little jankety but once I put it in my hair and moved around the beads I really liked it. The best part was that it was so easy. All you are basically doing is adding a bead and twisting the wire in different lengths and then adding another one. I love crafts so I thought it was fun too. And it was so nice to work with Nina. She kept coming around to our tables and letting us (mainly me) ask all of our questions. I loved it!

Time with Like-minded Brides
I wasn't expecting to need this so much but all I can say is thank you to some of the sweet ladies I met at this event for talking to me about my upcoming wedding. I both loved hearing about their weddings as well as asking for advice and sharing tips for projects or ways to save money. Chelsey gave me a really good idea for favors and it was so nice to be able to bounce my ideas off of her as well. 

You can also check out Bree's recap here to see a film recap by Key in Films and more glorious photos including some of me snapping the pics above by Cynthia Shipp Photography.

Thanks again to Bree for inviting me. I can't wait for the next one!


  1. Oh, I heard about these from Bree -- and so wished I was able to attend back when I was planning my wedding! Sounds like a perfect afternoon, and your hairpiece is really cute!

  2. So neat! Glad you got to go! :)

  3. And you close out the article with an awkward photo of me. Hah!

  4. I thought it was such a good action shot! Great to meet you and hopefully we can collaborate in the future!

  5. It was so fun Rach. It's now my dream to organize something like that - any crafting session - for likeminded women to meet and chat. It could be a fun blogger meetup or bible study!

  6. It was super fun. Honestly there were a ton of people there that weren't married or already married too. I'll let you know next one I go to if you want to join!


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