Thursday, May 29, 2014


Well team, it happened. I made those eggs last night - even though I cooked them in a totally jankety manner - and then proceeded to leave them out in the pot all night. 

I woke up this morning (after hitting snooze a thousand times) and emerged from my room to find them sitting there. Warm and not refrigerated. So I had canned soup for breakfast. Sorry I'm not sorry. I've been totally digging the Amy's Organic soups brand and just keep several cans in my desk at all times. They are super healthy and delicious so I feel like it was a good decision. 

Other than usual work today, I am proud to report that our invitation proofs finally came in! So excited to tell you more about them (and our logo!) tomorrow but for now here's a sneak peek. The color fits with our pantones (obvi) and we designed the logo on the invitation itself to match these fancy swirlies. We also found a KILLER sale on Invitations by Dawn so we are getting all of our invitations, reply and response cards printed thermographically. Super fancy. And yet, still cheaper than etsy. :)

Tonight I'm heading home to hopefully watch One Tree Hill at the gym, do laundry and pack for Lake George this weekend! Yay. Can't wait to see these beautiful faces

Lastly, I've been doing this crazy thing as part of The May Project where I only wear an item of clothing once this month. So once I've worn it, it's out. Let's just say I ran out of jeans pretty fast so I've been dressing up for work. The goal has been to figure out which items I don't wear so I can sell or donate them. Update of hilarious selfies coming in June. 

Now that we're almost to June I have a ton of cute things to sell to you guys for CHEAP! I'm thinking of just making every item $5 or $10 and capping shipping at $5. Thoughts? Then I saw this on instagram and my brain has exploded. Do you think it works? 

Have you ever bought second hand clothes online?


  1. If the online sales don't work, I just brought A BOAT LOAD (like 3 very large reusable bags stuffed to the brim) to Crossroads on 14th & U and they bought a lot of it from me. I would suggest trying that out too!

  2. Haha! I should've read this post before I commented on the last. Sorry about the eggs! But hey, soup for breakfast is totally acceptable!

  3. I love Amy's! They make great organic, vegetarian frozen meals too <3


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