Thursday, June 5, 2014


Happy Thursday, almost Friday, everyone!

As you know I've been diligently planning my wedding which doesn't leave a lot of spending money left over for me. I'm sure that many of you, for whatever reason, may feel this way too. So after sponsoring the lovely Marquis' blog, when I had the chance to help YOU win some extra spending money, I jumped at it.

Click the rafflecopter link below to enter and I really hope you win!

What you win: $200 smackeroos.
Why: It's Marquis' almost birthday and I wanted to help share the wealth!
Who: You! This giveaway is open internationally.
Motivation: For maxi dresses, ice cream or whatever!

Thanks to Marquis and the other lovely co-hosts below!


  1. Woo! Homeownership has definitely put a dent in my wallet . . . and I know the trouble is really just beginning. Thanks for the chance! :)

  2. I hope you win Meg!

    Also, I was thinking of you last night. Josh and I met with a realtor... let the hunting begin!

  3. Woo -- how exciting! Lots of big changes, but definitely awesome ones. It's so fun house-hunting from the comfort of your couch at first, haha -- or your desk chair! :) I'm sure you'll find a fabulous place. Just don't settle, keep looking for "the one" . . . much like love, the right house will find you. That's cheesy, but also cheesy because it's true!

  4. This is such a great giveaway, thank you! Paying back my student loans leaves me in the red every month. I can't image what I'd do with $200!

  5. 200 bucks would certainly be useful.
    i'm the mother of a daughter ;)

  6. What a great giveaway!

  7. Great giveaway! I would love to win and buy some shoes!


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