Wednesday, June 4, 2014


After last year's successful trip to Lake George, my friends from my Freshman year dorm at Northwestern and I spent last weekend on our second annual vacation. Only this time we invited the boys!

Lindsay, Andrea, Deanna, Marco, Reggie, Eric (not pictured because he backed out and we will never for give him - mostly kidding), and I all became extremely close friends in our dorm. This fast bond led to long lunches in the dining hall which led to planning our schedules around each other which led to living together off campus senior year which led to life long friendship.

I seriously love these people. They are like my siblings. If one poor couple were to have septuplits with varying religious, political, and beer preferences, we would be it!

From the moment I arrived on Friday night, I was just happy and comfortable. I am 100% myself around this crew because let's face it, they knew me when my eyebrows were two different sizes and during the first year I ever consumed alcohol. They put up with a lot. ;)

The weekend was spent like many college evenings: in our sweatpants and other NU garb, sitting around, talking, laughing, making fun of each other, and playing drinking games. I arrived around 10:30 PM since I had worked all day and flown up from DC so everyone was hilarious by the time I arrived.

Though we were up late, the next day wasn't painful. Miraculously none of us were hungover - thank you to Andrea's harassment about water - and so we proceeded to play volleyball and swing and lay around.

Eventually Andrea (you can tell she has the most energy in our group) convinced everyone to go hiking.

We took an timer-set smiling picture too but this one was just too good not to post. I love us. We are complete goofballs but we really enjoy each other. 

At the start of the hike, right near the small town of Lake George and about a 15 minute drive from our cabin, Lindsay and I were optimistic. A) She was the only one who posed for my 'start of hike' picture; and B) We had blasted Spice Girls Pandora the whole way. Try it. Thank me later. 

Reggie was literally climbing the walls and Andrea, though she didn't perch on as many rocks as last year, still managed to sing the Little Mermaid. 

Once we reached the top it was gorgeous and I'm glad we did it, but if Shminz and I didn't have Reggie practically dragging us up the mountain we wouldn't have made it. Thanks Reg for being our Sherpa. Seriously this hike was hard. It was pretty steep and there were a lot of small rocks. Definitely doable but I'm glad I had Lindsay to keep me company and girl talk as we went up.

Let's also just say, we didn't exactly smell great. Especially Marco. :)

Look at that view!

I'm off to eat some dinner and figure out where Josh and I are going to live next year, so come back tomorrow for more hilarious pictures in Part II. 


  1. This looks like such a fun reunion trip! Lake George is beautiful.

  2. This looks so fun! I need a lake house adventure.


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