Tuesday, June 24, 2014


HIIIIIIIIII! I MISS YOU GUYS! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but I promise that I'm still alive. Lots of exciting things happening and so much to tell you. There has been so much in fact that I've been racing around just to stay afloat, but when my priest asked me last night in marriage prep, "What do you do for fun?", my answer included planning and organizing things. I just love it!

So here's what's been happening lately...

Home Search 2014
Josh and I are researching, crunching numbers and looking at thousands of condos in Arlington. We are deciding whether to rent or buy and it's been taking up a lot of time and energy. All good though... I'm learning so much! I feel incredibly empowered and prepared. Thank you to sweet, sweet Meg, Rach and Miemo for the housing search advice. I need all the help I can get!

I am a thousand posts behind on updates for you guys about the wedding. Although, I'm sure no one cares as much as I do. Upcoming topics will be shower games, how to send out invitations in an organized way, favors and welcome bags, and some of the amazing vendors I've used.

Right now we are in good shape. The invitations are going out this week! Eeeeee! We are meeting with our florist and DJ again in July. Our photographer rocks my socks off and is killing it. We have the cake tasting scheduled. And on 4th of July weekend I get to do my hair trial and GO TRY ON MY DRESS FOR THE FIRST TIME! Major win.

First and Last Film
Last weekend I helped Josh shoot a short film. You may have noticed all the pics I put on instagram. He's submitting it for a few festivals and it was fun to help him bring this project to life. He wrote the piece and it will serve to showcase his work. Let me just say that I've never actually shot a short film. IT WAS EXHAUSTING! We filmed in our friend Emily's apartment (she was so nice to let us use it) from 3pm - 1am on Saturday and then 9am - 4pm on Sunday. And that is considered quick for a film. Holy moly.

Now Josh is editing and I'll be helping as I can. Josh taught me everything I need to know to shoot the corporate films I make at work, so it was awesome to learn even more. Although we were a little late to have dinner at Josh's parents' house and meet his extended family, we made it in time for cake. :)

Much like video, my boss looked at me two weeks ago and said "We should figure out how to do a podcast and start a series." By 'we' she means me. So I've been busily researching and actually recorded my first podcast last week. Now I just have to figure out how to edit it all together and create the XML file to get it on iTunes. NBD. Hah!

I will say, that I have fallen in love with podcasts through my research. Did you know that you can download the free podcast app and then just listen to as many free podcasts as you want? My commute is so much better. Here are my favorite podcasts I'm listening to right now. You should check them out!

Just search for them in iTunes or follow the links below to listen on your computer. On your phone, I think it's really easy to download this app and then search for the below names in it and 'subscribe'. This is what I do and then I have them in my app and it tells me which is new. It'll play on my phone or when I'm driving, through my car speakers.

So how are you lately?
Do you listen to any good podcasts?
Do you have any tips about creating one?
What would you want to hear from me if we did a She is Moments podcast?


  1. Woo, you certainly have been busy! That filming schedule is grueling, but my sister is a videographer -- I definitely appreciate how long those projects can take, both in the filming and, especially, in the editing! Glad to hear your house hunt is continuing, though it really is exhausting. Too bad you're not seeking a condo in Southern Maryland, haha -- we just got ours listed and hope for a nibble (or big bite!) soon. This weekend is our big move into the house . . . eeek! Scary but exciting. Sending warm, productive thoughts to you! :)

  2. Yaaaay! The condo is listed and you are moving. I hope you feel GREAT! The right buyer will come along. Just like I keep telling myself the right condo will come along. :)


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