Monday, June 16, 2014


Let's be honest, if you fly one of these airlines, chances are you won't get to your destination. At all. Ever. It won't happen.

I was going to be generous and entitle this post something like 'He Had Other Plans for Me" or "The Silver Lining" but instead I went with the truth. I will not be flying American / US Airways (they are merged now) ever again because they made me miss my friend Miriam's bachelorette party in Nashville last weekend. 

Sorry I missed Bride Day Friday, I was too busy weeping in the airport. True story.

Yes, I am a dramatic person and no I won't talk about this for the whole post but here is the basic gist:
  • I arrive at the airport and try to print my boarding pass for the first leg of my flight to Nashville
  • I cannot print my boarding pass
  • A rude US Airways employee yells at me that my flight has been cancelled like I was supposed to know even though I NEVER got a notification. 
  • I wait in line (also on the phone) for over an hour and get rebooked on a direct flight
  • I celebrate
  • I get through security and am waiting in line for a beer with a friend when he gets a call that this second flight was cancelled
  • I get no notification
  • We run out of the terminal (without beer) and get back in hellish line at US Airways counter
  • I wait in line for over 2 hours (not on the phone because mine is dead from the first call)
  • I eat weird snack foods I find in my purse to stay alive
  • I watch everyone in line around me being told on their phones that there are no flights
  • I sadly text my friends and prepare myself
  • I let an 80 year old woman recovering from cancer use the last battery percentage on my phone to call her son since she was traveling alone (broke my heart!)
  • I finally get to the counter and they tell me that there are no flights that will get me to Nashville before my return flight home
  • I start to cry
  • I stand there as they then tell me that they can't refund my ticket because it was originally booked through American and even though they are merged that is not how it works
  • I cry way harder
  • I listen to the manager tell the poor man helping me that he can walk me down the terminal to American so I don't have to wait in the two hour line there. 
  • I walk to the American desk and cry to their manager.
  • I wait another 30 minutes before Josh comes to get me and I cry on him.
  • I leave the airport with a few notes in my account, no flight, and no refund
  • I call my friends and cry and tell them I can't come
  • I cry the whole way home
  • I make Josh drive me to Whole Foods to get my some Belgian-style beer
Note: Later that night (after a beer) I called the American hotline and they finally said that they were able to give me a refund.

Double Note: Josh is the most patient man alive. 

So whoops, I guess I did use the whole post to talk about this but I AM FURIOUS WITH THIS AIRLINE. The amount of time I wasted and the number of people who were rude to me and the fact that I missed Miriam's entire bachelorette party make me angry. 

But you know what? There was absolutely nothing I could do about any of it. 

Eventually I calmed down and realized that Miriam was still going to have a wonderful time and that I am healthy as are my loved ones.

Plus there was a lot of silver lining to the weekend once I gave in and accepted my fate.

  • I got to attend my friend Erica's bridal shower and give her my gift in person. 
  • I got to take Grandpa to dinner with my mom and aunt for Father's Day at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
  • I got to go to an impromptu concert at Iota with Josh and hear the amazing Margot MacDonald

  • I got to go to my pool

  • I got to do laundry and cook veggies and feel good about my apartment
  • I got to have a family bbq at Uncle Steve's
  • I got to open some belated shower presents at mom's house

  • I got to talk to my dad, patti and Julia for a long time on the phone
  • I got to see all the pictures of Miriam and my Alpha Phi sisters having a great time (as they should!)
Rant over. :)


  1. Ugh, I am SO sorry you went through that -- flying can be so incredibly stressful, and I was enraged on your behalf when they said they couldn't refund your ticket! Um, WHUT? But I'm glad you were still able to have a very nice weekend -- and hope your next flight will go much smoother! (And on a different airline.)

  2. First of all, I own that same shirt (in the last pic) from Target!! In fact, I have several of those shirts in all different colors, haha!

    Also, I'm so sorry about all that mess. That sounds absolutely horrible! We had a terrible experience with AirBerlin so I understand never wanting to fly an airline like that again!

  3. What a mess with the airlines! I'm glad the weekend ended up being okay overall, but oh my goodness... how stressful!

  4. But that's what airlines are for!!!! ER travel & PLANNED travel (and I'm sure you had that ticket booked within 5 minutes of hearing about the plans!). When the airlines cancel your trip because they need to "save money" or whatever BS reason they have. ITS NOT FAIR. Its 2014. Not 1946. I would have been a beast. I would have probably kicked things and yelled and threw a baby fit. I've only been a plane once. I'm glad you got your refund left. I would have probably been arrested trying to get my refund back. I live in MI, and try to drive the most I can, but that's only to Chicago or NY or Tennesee if I HAD too. There's no way I would have driven farther West than Chicago, so I was dependant on the airlines and they canceled on me, "going apeshit" would probably be the best words to describe me ;) You handled it like a pro though. Were you able to Skype or anything? Not the same, I know though :( At least you have the refund. Sometime they jerk around people for that. Which is basically extortion.

  5. I had a similar experience with Spirit Air and as a result will never ever fly them again. It's great though that you could appreciate some positives. I think I just would have sobbed a lot until I fell asleep (having a sympathetic shoulder always helps).

  6. That is incredibly frustrating. Actually, I just had a bad experience on United with them making me miss my connection and not finding a way for me and my family to get to our destination in time for a family reunion (it ended up that my GRANDPA from doing research on the website figured out a flight that would work for us...not anyone who helped us at the counter). We're flying in a couple weeks and I'm really hoping for completely smooth connections.


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