Sunday, June 8, 2014


What a whirlwind weekend I've had. Verrrrrry similar to last weekend haha. I'm on the couch right now watch the Tony Awards where a few of my friends from NU are working. I keep looking for them. No sightings yet, but we'll see. 

Yesterday was my bridal shower and it was out of this world amazing. That recap will be coming tomorrow. But tonight I have to tell you about the rest of my epic trip to Lake George. You can read Part I here. The title of this post came from Andrea... the crowning glory of our pyramid. :)

So after our hike last Saturday, we were starving! We grabbed some food to-go in town and headed back to our glorious cabin for another night of friendship and cards against humanity.

Once Lindsay and Deanna fell asleep it was just Marco, Reggie, Andrea and I. We ended up doing what we do best, debating about politics and were up until 3am. But the best thing about it is, these people are not only smart and opinionated but also kind. I know that my friends will say exactly what they want to me and expect me to do the same. But at the end of the night, we all still love each other. Just like any other dysfunctional family.

I think I had the most fun setting up the automatic timers on my camera to take all of our group pictures. I was famous in college for taking pictures and I am grateful that they haven't forced me to quit yet.

On Sunday we woke up early, cleaned the apartment and proceeded to take group pictures in the grass. I have never had so much fun. First of all this laying on our stomachs thing was Reggie's idea. That in itself is hilarious as he is usually more annoyed by pictures. (Though no one could be more annoyed than Marco!). We took several rounds of these, but here are the best. Just 6 friends, who have known each other for 10 years and are approaching 30. NBD. :)

I wish there was a better way I could explain this, but I really love these people. I know that no matter how far apart the world flings us, we will always come back to each other and it will always, always feel like home.


  1. Cabins and Cards Against Humanity are the best! The pyramid picture is so fun! Looks like the perfect weekend.

  2. This post is fabulous! I love the group shots!


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