Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I think I've told you how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family and groups of friends, but just in case I forgot, I AM SO BLESSED.

Now, that I've cleared that up, let me tell you a little about my weekend on Long Island visiting with my Dad's side of the family. I can't thank Patti, Kim and Rachel enough for planning the whole event and for my Aunt Nancy for hosting it!

Josh and I were staying at Rachel's so I got to shower and do a little curler action before heading over to the party. I even did RTR again and LOVED it with this little white dress too. :)

mon frere

On Saturday, Josh and I got up at 5am and hit the road at 6 to drive up to Long Island and celebrate our wedding family style! My Aunt Nancy hosted a bunch of us (aunts, uncles, great aunts, cousins, second cousins, brothers, sisters, and many types of in-laws) in her gorgeous backyard in Old Westbury and we had an absolute blast. 

I find it so humbling to be showered with love, attention, and presents by your family. Yes, your family should love you but they don't have to. And they certainly don't have to go as above and beyond as ours did. 

It was awesome!



Some highlights:
  • Our face on a cake
  • Delicious food
  • Bride and Groom hats
  • Games and prizes
  • Presents galore
  • Prosecco
  • Chatting and laughing all afternoon (seriously we were there from noon to 8:30pm!)

A hand-drawn wedding / where we met map from my sister-in-law. She's so talented!

Almost all of the people at this shower are coming to the wedding and that is just one more reason why we love our family. They will travel and make it a priority to come and celebrate as Josh and I get married. What an amazing gift to give us!

I feel so loved today. And I hope you all do too!

Tell me what you think..
  • Do you see your extended family often?
  • Is it funny watching your cousins who were babies grow up and head of to college? 
  • What is one of your favorite childhood memories with your family?


Getting you and your closet in shape! 
Sweat every day for 31 days.
Don't repeat an item of clothing for 31 days. 
Donate the items you haven't worn after a month or rediscover treasured pieces you forgot you had!
Things will probably fit a bit better too. ;)

Monday's workout: Elliptical in the AM and Spin class in the PM
Sunday's workout: Elliptical - my one true love
Saturday's workout: Whoops - does riding in a car count?
Friday's workout: Circuit training

Monday's outfit: Robin's egg blue blouse and work skirt
Sunday's outfitWhite shorts and blue tank
Saturday's outfitRent the Runway white dress
Friday's outfitFlower child pants and yellow tee

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Happy Friday everyone!

I for one had a very stressful week and am so glad that the weekend is here. Yay yay yaaaaaaay! 

I say it was stressful because it was. But it was also very productive. And I only lost my mind once. Ok wait, twice. Maybe that's how you know we are less than two months until the wedding date! hahaha. My mom handled my stressball episodes twice this week, my dad is in town got one, KJ as always is good at keeping me calm and now she gets me even more because she's engaged. Charlotte and Celia helped with crafts and hair which was much appreciated and poor Josh, well he's hangin in there!

Honestly, I've been thinking a lot this week about the wedding. The wedding is stressing me out y'all. But you know what, the marriage is not. Right?! Isn't that amazing? I am so excited to marry the man I love. So why am I freaking out about the wedding... the party will handle itself. Well, mostly. :) I still have lists and spreadsheets keeping me organized. 

It's true though, when I think about what is really important to me about my wedding, it helps me remember why we're doing this in the first place and actually reduces my stress. 

To me, here's what it's really all about:

1. Marrying Josh
Brides. Listen up! I know you are out there and I know you are feeling stressed. But the good news is that no matter what your reception is like or the weather or your colors or whatever, you get to marry your fiancé. That in itself is a gift. A huge one!

I remember always wondering if I would be able to open my heart completely enough to trust and love someone else so completely. When I first started to feel that, I remember being scared even. But God brought Josh into my life because he knew that was what I needed. And what Josh needed too. This Wednesday when I was driving home from my company kickball game (why the heck did I sign up for that?!?) and on the verge of tears I asked myself why I was even doing this anyway? Why am I planning this wedding?

The answer is Josh. I am going to enter into the sacrament of marriage. And that is a freakin wonderful thing. 

2. Being Surrounded by Friends and Family
This may not be important to everyone, but I get teary on a regular basis thinking about how much I love my family and close friends and how much they mean to me in my life. I was visiting Grandpa last night and he was making fun of some picture of my hair that I was showing him and I just started laughing (with tears at the same time!) and felt this wave of emotion. I love this man so much. He helped raise me and he will be with me on my wedding day because he loves me right back. That is a gift. 

My mom helping me through all of my stressy times. Again, I get full of this warmth just thinking of it. That is love. 

My dad walking me down the aisle. We will both cry, let's be honest. 

My Aunt Celeste and Patti and my friend Rachel throwing me showers. None of them  had to do this. They are just kind and full of love. And you know what, throwing a party for all of them to be there with me and Josh is worth it. Very very worth it. 

3. Starting a New Chapter of My Life
This is a time for me to stop thinking of me and start thinking of us. Once we are married, Josh and I will be one unit. What a beautiful reason to stop thinking selfishly and start always thinking of someone else first. I think this part is hard while you're engaged because the bridal industry (notice I didn't say groomal) is all focused on the bride. What I wear, how I look, and what I weigh are all pressures that I feel. I don't think I've ever felt this self-centered or vain. I mean you know it's bad when I'm thinking to myself, "Wait. Maureen. Stop looking in the mirror, no one cares about your hair this much. You don't even care about your hair this much."

I am so excited to start my life together with Josh. I know it will have challenges and we will both have to sacrifice and compromise. But the good news is that in return, we get each other's love. Forever. Without question. Josh loves my hair no matter what it looks like. So maybe I should just let that go. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. It's not all about me anymore. What a joyful relief!

So to my fellow brides out there or really anyone going through a time of stress, ask yourself what it is really all about? Why are you doing this? The answer will give you relief and renew your sense of purpose. Because you are smart and brave and you didn't make this decision lightly. So go, enjoy the love that brought you here!


Tell me what you think..

  • What stresses you out?
  • How do you calm down?


Getting you and your closet in shape! 
Sweat every day for 31 days.
Don't repeat an item of clothing for 31 days. 
Donate the items you haven't worn after a month or rediscover treasured pieces you forgot you had!
Things will probably fit a bit better too. ;)

I owe you two days...
Yesterday's workout: I missed it. True confessions. I didn't go. Sorry team. I'll have to pull a twice a day coming up. Or maybe, I'll just have to let go of trying to be perfect.

Yesterday's outfit: Black lace skirt with grey transparent top. A little dressy for work!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Little babies warm my heart. Josh and I were delighted to celebrate baby Avery Michelle's baptism last week. Avery is the daughter of our dear friends Peter and Stephanie. Peter is one of Josh's Best Men and Josh is little Miss Avery's Godfather. 

Her baptism was downtown DC in Woodley Park and it was a delightful spring day. We had a delightful time welcoming Avery into the Catholic faith. She is pure joy when you look at her. Honestly, I've never seen a baby smile so much. And she never cries. Not even when she wakes up from a nap. Truly, she is a gift from heaven and we are so glad she is in our lives. 


Tell me what you think..
  • What are your favorite traditions with new babies?
  • Been to any fun family events lately?


Getting you and your closet in shape! 
Sweat every day for 31 days.
Don't repeat an item of clothing for 31 days. 
Donate the items you haven't worn after a month or rediscover treasured pieces you forgot you had!
Things will probably fit a bit better too. ;)

I owe you two days...
Yesterday's workout: 15 minutes on the stair master + Body Pump Express class (30 minutes)
Tuesday's workout: 25 minutes elliptical

Yesterday's outfit: Blue dress and a top knot
Tuesday's outfit: Comfy casual because I can wear jeans to work!

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Be well everyone!

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