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I've known (and my mom has supported) that I wanted to get my wedding cake at Victoria's Cakery since my friend Charlotte had it at her wedding 7 years ago. I was the MOH and it was my job to pick up the cake before her wedding. So mom and I drove to this place we had never heard of and got the cake. And then our lives were changed forever. IT IS SO GOOD!

Since Char's wedding, it's a family treat to get a mini cake from Victoria's. For Mom's birthday or my sister-in-law's bridal shower, we always come here when we want to be spoiled. Our favorite flavor is 'Heaven' which is a white cake with raspberry filling and a white chocolate cream cheese icing. Swoon.

Of course I had to make sure that Josh liked the cake, so when I got it to surprise my mom on her 60th birthday in April I eagerly watched as Josh took his first bite... and breathed a sigh of relief when he loved it!

Since then we had the 'Heaven' again at my bridal shower in VA and man oh man was it a hit. We told the crowd that this was the cake we would be having at our wedding and wanted to give everyone a sneak taste. :)

So why did we decide to do a cake tasting when we already know we love the 'Heaven' flavor? Well because we had never tasted ANY other flavors... any of us. So obviously we had to take that challenge. :)

Plus, with our wedding being as large as it is to include all of our families, we will likely have a few different round cakes to accommodate everyone. Which means each one could be a different flavor if we wanted!

The shop is pretty tiny, so after a 20 minute conversation about the flavors and how everything works, we took our notes and the samples back to mom's house for a proper tasting. FYI when you go cake tasting, be sure to call ahead and ask for an appointment or ask how it works. While Victoria's didn't take appointments, I could have found out ahead of time that we could have requested specific flavors to try if we wanted. For example, they didn't have either peanut butter cake ready last Saturday. So we ordered two tasting pieces and can pick them up in a week.

Once we were all set up - it was driving me nuts that the different cakes weren't labeled so we set them up and I made little tags for them to put near the plates - we dug in.

We decided that we would all try each flavor and then rank them (without comparing notes) from our favorite to least favorite. This was hilarious. We all had water to cleanse our palates and were very serious about our little cake exercise.

I started to feel a little sick halfway through but we powered on. Sugar can't stop us! We tasted six samples and each was delicious.

Victoria's Cakery Tasting Samples
  1. Katie's Razzmatazz - chocolate cake, raspberry filling and buttercream icing
  2. Heaven - Raspberry Filling & White Chocolate Icing
  3. Brock’s Heaven - Dark & White Chocolate Icing
  4. Strawberry Fields - Buttercream Icing w/Strawberry Filling
  5. Reverse Huggs - White & Dark Chocolate Cake
  6. Lemon Pound Cake - with buttercream icing

We read our results aloud one by one after announcing the place we would read (e.g., 6th), counting to three, and then all shouting our answers. It was hilarious. Whatever the method though, the results were unanimous. Our top two choices were Heaven followed by Katie's Razz Matazz. 

Now we just have to wait to taste the peanut butter ones and see if we want to include one of those too. 


*Funny side note: Katie from the cakery called me to talk cakes as I was proofing this content. She is really kind and very helpful! I would say it's best to try to catch a bakery when they are not super busy. We were a little harried at noon on Saturday when we went. 

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  1. It sounds like you guys had so much fun with this! So glad you were able to unanimously decide on your favorites! :)


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