Thursday, July 3, 2014


The sun is hot, the pool is open, and I plan to get my translucent white skin into a bathing suit for the 4th of July tomorrow. Can't wait!

In June I started to really kick up my workouts for both the reason listed above and for wedding prep and because I generally feel better when I work out. I've been getting up and gyming before work and it's been working pretty well. On days I just can't get out of bed at 6:45am, I go in the evening. :)

Here's what a sample workout week looks like for me:

Yes, I'm still watching One Tree Hill on Netflix at my gym. And Yes, it's still glorious. The other thing that I'm really enjoying (though it's the hardest to get out of bed for is the Total Body Conditioning class at Gold's Gym. I joined Gold's because there is one right by my work and one right by my apartment. So it's super convenient. 

Total Body Conditioning (TBC) is a 45 minute class in the mornings that does weight training + cardio and basically makes you sweat like crazy. The first few classes, I couldn't even do some of the exercises, but now I see myself getting better and it's really encouraging. I recommend the class!

Fridays I am kicking my butt the hardest doing structured HITT workouts. Here's one example that I got from this amazing guy

What are your favorite workouts?
Have you found a routine that works for you?

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