Thursday, July 10, 2014


Let's talk about my first Rent the Runway experience. 

Overall, I loved the dress and I would do it again. But only because their customer service department is so amazing. 

Let me explain. 

I'm all about wearing white as much as possible during my engagement. I'll be engaged less than a year and I feel like now is the time! Plus it's a fun treat to test out new outfits and dresses and it makes me feel very bridal. 

However, I don't think I'll want 10 white dresses lying around in October, so RTR seemed like the perfect option: rent a really nice dress cheaply and then send it back. Win win. 

I selected this white, Alexa Peplum Dress by Shoshanna. It was so cute, the reviews on the site were great and the users who had uploaded their own pictures of how they styled it also looked great. This is a really helpful feature of the site - you get to see what the dress looked like on real women!

Also the price was one of the lowest on the site for only $45. So for me, it was a bit of a splurge but it was worth it. Plus, RTR let's you order your size and one other size just in case. You get two dresses in two different sizes delivered to you the day or two before your event. I am extremely risk averse so I love this option of back-up.

I selected my size and one size larger because the ladies who had worn it before said it ran small. I hit order, and as promised the dress arrived on the Friday evening before my Saturday afternoon shower. 

My MOH, Kristin, flew in that weekend to stay with me and attend the shower so she was my first line of defense with the dress. She's done RTR before so I knew she'd a) know how it worked and b) be honest with me about the dress.

The presentation was gorgeous. I felt so special opening the box and seeing my dress(es) in there. It was just the best and fanciest feeling. The dresses were a tad wrinkled but I knew I could iron it out. And they did have to mail them to me right?!

Over some wine, KJ watched as I tried on my size in the dress and it fit like a glove. I did a happy dance and then I noticed there was a tiny dot of discoloration on the peplum. Daggar! It looked like it would wash right off so we took a dab of detergent and a dab of water on a white washcloth and like magic it was gone. 

Or so I thought. 

Saturday morning, we went to the gym, showered and then of course I was running late. KJ was so calming as I tore apart my closets looking for my curlers (never did find them), dried my hair, and put on my make-up all before trying on the dress.

By the time I went to iron the dress lightly, I realized that the spot treatment we had done the night before had left a HUGE watermark on the peplum. Here's where panic set in. I had no idea what to do and was contemplating just pouring water on the entire peplum - then the watermark would be everywhere and you couldn't tell right?

KJ to the rescue. My RTR pro first reminded me that I had another dress. I was worried that it would be too big since the first size fit, but when I tried it on, it was almost identical. So while I ironed the second dress to wear, Kristin called RTR and here's where the magic happened. She wanted to let them know that the spot had been on the dress, how we had fixed it, but that now they would see a watermark. She also mentioned that I was frantically ironing the second dress as she spoke. 

The RTR staff was AMAZING. Instead of making us feel badly about the water mark, they profusely apologized about the small stain and the wrinkles and gave me a 100% refund on the dresses! 

The second dress was still gorgeous, so I happily drove to my bridal shower in a free, swanky, designer dress. 

Yep, Kristin and RTR are my heroes. 

I will definitely be renting again because the customer service is so great. I know I will get a good product from them, and if for any reason I don't, I know they will take care of me. 

I highly recommend renting a dress for your next occasion. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

P.S. Can we have a moment for the Josh Photo-bombing pic? He just cracks me up!


  1. I LOVE RTR! So glad you had a good experience!

  2. So glad everything worked out okay in the end, and hey -- a free dress rental as a result of great customer service is pretty awesome! I definitely rocked white as much as possible during my engagement, too, and you look fabulous!

  3. I've never used RTR but I know many people that have and they love them! I will definitely be trying them in the future!

  4. That is incredible customer service! So glad it all worked out so well! :)

  5. Thanks Rachel! I seriously loved it. Flaws and all they handled it so well!

  6. Thanks Meg! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who did the white kick. My friends think I'm nuts but I love it. ;)

  7. Kendra let me know when you do try it. I think you're going to have a good experience!

  8. Thanks Rach, me too. Customer service like that restores my faith in humanity. Actually getting to talk to a real person on the phone - amazing!


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