Friday, August 15, 2014


So many wonderful things are happening in my life. Isn't it just hilarious that they are all happening at the same time? Yes it is. Hilarious and miraculous. Life is full of little miracles when you stop and take the time to notice them. 

We are making excellent progress with the wedding planning. All the big decisions are made (WAHOO!) and now it's just the little details and paying invoices. I think Josh and I can handle that. :)

I am so excited to report that we have all of our RVSPs in and... drumroll please... we have exactly 200 guests attending including me and Josh. Exactly. EXACTLY! I don't know why that makes me so pleased but it is such a perfect number and the number we were hoping would come so it's perfect. I feel as though this was a gift to me and I'm extremely grateful. We invited 249 so we were quite worried that we would have more people attend than would actually be able to fit. Phew! Glad that one worked out!

Josh has his suit fitting tonight and I have a second hair trial and dress fitting tomorrow. We also get to pick up our wedding bands tomorrow - our custom rings are done and we are so excited. Last night we spent some time going over the smaller decoration items that we need to finish. The menus, programs, place cards, and welcome letters are all on our lists and under way. 

Josh also rocked the to-do list this week by sending music to our choir and pianist (our friends are singing and playing the music for our wedding mass) and my colleague Melissa is letting us borrow her cornhole boards which saves us about $140 (that we didn't have!) and makes it super easy. I've ordered the cake and we're just about ready to pay the shuttles. It's seriously all coming together. 

Actually, typing this out I feel a lot better about our progress. It can get really overwhelming to look at our (still very long) to-do list and realize we have less than a month until we get married. 

It's also fun to say, "in 28 days, we will be doing our first dance right now as husband and wife." So crazy!

I have a lot of posts that I need to put together about all the wedding progress (including another shower and MY BACHELORETTE PARTY which was just perfection) and I promise they are coming. Some stuff we want to keep a surprise until the wedding though, so I'll schedule those while Josh and I are on our honeymoon. :)

Today, I want to share some of my favorite Etsy Vendors. These shops are great not just for bridal wares but for anyone who needs gifts or party supplies. I have really enjoyed working with these vendors and they have been so kind and patient answering my questions and making tweaks back and forth. Tell them Maureen sent you!

Deco Cards - We are using this darling shop to print table numbers and a few signs for signature cocktails, etc. They are extremely affordable and they can customize any cards for you. So easy to work with!

Green Garden Stamps - So that the servers know which of our guests ordered chicken, steak, or vegetarian. I ordered three of the most adorable chicken, cow, and green pepper stamps for the place cards. Not only was Green Garden Stamps easy to work with, but when shipping was slightly delayed, she gave me a partial refund without me even asking. Great customer service.

Prince Whitaker - One of the motifs for our wedding is the state of Virginia. It's where we both grew up (primarily), where we met, where we fell in love, where we will get married, and where we will start our lives together. For our cake topper we ordered a little number from here. They customized the size for us and added a personal logo!

League Of Letters - This shop is just so fun. Great prices and we ordered our new monogram as husband and wife to put on the fireplace mantle at the reception. It comes as plain wood so you can decorate however you'd like. 

Thread Squirrel - This shop has such cute pillows and bags. Also with a state / country theme so you know I loved it. We could even customize where the button for 'home' went. :)

Morrell Decor - Lori who runs this shop is one of my favorite people. I met her randomly by asking questions about her wares on etsy and ended up getting a lot of our wedding supplies from her. She was so helpful, sent two rounds of samples, always added extras, and gave me great prices for ordering in bulk. We got our exact wedding colors of ribbon, tissue paper and place cards!

Pink Pueblo - Josh and I dabble (read: experiment and hope for the best) in graphic design so we have been making our wedding materials ourselves. Josh did the save the dates from scratch in PhotoShop and I made the wedding logo which is on our invitations, menus, programs, favors, and cake topper. I needed a few vector images and Pink Pueblo more than delivered for like $6. So easy!

Cheapest Buttons - This wasn't actually for my wedding but they were so great I had to mention. I ordered buttons for my friend Miriam's bachelorette party (which I didn't make it to due to horrible flights) but the buttons were a hit. All you had to do was send in the pic you wanted on them. So easy and a fast turnaround!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed these hilarious outtakes from our engagement shoot. ;)


Tell me what you think..
  • Who are your favorite Etsy vendors?
  • Have you ever even used Etsy before?
  • What are your go-to stores for craft supplies?


Getting you and your closet in shape! 
Sweat every day for 31 days.
Don't repeat an item of clothing for 31 days. 
Donate the items you haven't worn after a month or rediscover treasured pieces you forgot you had!
Things will probably fit a bit better too. ;)

Disclaimer: I haven't forgotten about the 31 Day Closet Challenge. I've been doing it and taking pictures every day. Obviously I'm behind, so you'll just have to wait until the big recap post on Tuesday the 19th. I finish on the 18th. Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Because he's just that good. 

I love him. Like honestly love him. Josh knows. He's fine with it. 

So two weeks ago we saw Jon up close and personal at Jammin Java in Vienna Va. We got there as early as we could so that we could get in the front row. And let me tell you, it's a small space but it was totally worth it. 

I swoon just thinking about it. 

He is incredibly talented and as a singer, songwriter and pianist being close enough to see him play is incredible. I've never seen anyone play the piano like that. It's unreal how much he feels each note and how fast and precisely his hands can move. 

Before I go on to describe my love for his music though, please join me in giggling at the base player in the picture above. Just priceless. And yes, that's what he looked like the entire concert. ;)

Some of the zoomy - inny pictures are a little crazy town. Since we were already stand as close to him as if we were across a Starbucks table, in these you can really see him sweat. Sorry Jon. But now everyone knows how hard he was working!

The other thing that was so cool about this venue was how small and personal it was. Yes, we were in the front row but even the 'back' row of this standing only bar / club was maybe 20 yards away. So nice. Jon could see the audience and took requests throughout his set. Which was extra long btw. Worth ever penny to hear so many of his classics and even some new stuff. 

The best part of the entire evening was when Jon came out for an encore. Just him and the keyboard. And he played our wedding song. And I cried. 

We have been to see him in concert around 4 times and he's never played it live. The second he started the intro, I started crying. It was so wonderful and I'm so glad we went!

Here are my outfits from the past week of the #30DayClosetChallenge. Making progress. :) I don't remember my workouts but just know that I did them. 

I'm off to my bachelorette party tomorrow. Follow along on instagram and twitter at #maureenscreek Have a great weekend everyone!

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