Thursday, August 7, 2014


Because he's just that good. 

I love him. Like honestly love him. Josh knows. He's fine with it. 

So two weeks ago we saw Jon up close and personal at Jammin Java in Vienna Va. We got there as early as we could so that we could get in the front row. And let me tell you, it's a small space but it was totally worth it. 

I swoon just thinking about it. 

He is incredibly talented and as a singer, songwriter and pianist being close enough to see him play is incredible. I've never seen anyone play the piano like that. It's unreal how much he feels each note and how fast and precisely his hands can move. 

Before I go on to describe my love for his music though, please join me in giggling at the base player in the picture above. Just priceless. And yes, that's what he looked like the entire concert. ;)

Some of the zoomy - inny pictures are a little crazy town. Since we were already stand as close to him as if we were across a Starbucks table, in these you can really see him sweat. Sorry Jon. But now everyone knows how hard he was working!

The other thing that was so cool about this venue was how small and personal it was. Yes, we were in the front row but even the 'back' row of this standing only bar / club was maybe 20 yards away. So nice. Jon could see the audience and took requests throughout his set. Which was extra long btw. Worth ever penny to hear so many of his classics and even some new stuff. 

The best part of the entire evening was when Jon came out for an encore. Just him and the keyboard. And he played our wedding song. And I cried. 

We have been to see him in concert around 4 times and he's never played it live. The second he started the intro, I started crying. It was so wonderful and I'm so glad we went!

Here are my outfits from the past week of the #30DayClosetChallenge. Making progress. :) I don't remember my workouts but just know that I did them. 

I'm off to my bachelorette party tomorrow. Follow along on instagram and twitter at #maureenscreek Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Aww I love that he played your wedding song for the encore! How cool!


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