Friday, October 31, 2014


If you should know anything about me it's that I love Halloween and take my costumes very seriously. Since college things haven't been quite as extravagant for costumes but I still always think it's fun to at least wear something. :)

Yesterday we had a costume contest at work and my team went for engagement rather than extravagance. I work in digital marketing so anything interactive and tweetable is right up my alley. 

Can you tell what we were?

The best part was hiding around the office all day. We even put together a Where's Waldo picture book for our boss of us throughout the day. It was hilarious. 

I'll be repping Waldo again tonight with a few friends at a house party. So easy and so comfortable. Seriously, anything that you can get for less than $25 on is a win in my book. 

What is your costume this year?

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  1. Christopher went as Where's Waldo one year! His office thought it was a great costume! :) Love that you guys made a "Where's Waldo" book! :)


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