Thursday, October 16, 2014



Haha. Ok, well 29 years ago tonight I was born and today I get to celebrate by eating every baked good known to man. Therefore, it is the best day ever. 

I love my birthday because I get a little bit of an excuse to treat yo self and more importantly because I usually get to talk to a whole bunch of people that I really really really love. Birthdays are full of joy and togetherness and to me they are about the people. Already this morning I woke up to texts from family and friends wishing me a happy day and with each one I read I am filled with gratitude for that person in my life. IT'S THE BEST FEELING EVER!

We already know that I'm a sap and that I love emotions and people and feeling things and today is no exception. At first I wasn't too sure about 29. I mean, it's an odd little birthday right? It's not a big occasion and for me it comes a month after our wedding. That was the big party.

But turning 29 is actually awesome for so many reasons. First and foremost, (at least so far in my life) I'm not weird about getting older. Yes 29 is my last year with a 2 in front of the number. Yes I am past college days and dating and living with roommates and sharing a bathroom (with someone other than my husband). And while that could be viewed as sad, it's not. I DID all of those wonderful things and I have all of the wonderful memories that go with them. And I'll continue to do lots of fun and wacky things and have new experiences too.

Turning 29 means that I have lived 29 amazing years on this Earth. Even just saying it makes me feel lucky.

Specifically, the last year was really good to me. For me, 28 was the year of getting engaged, buying a home, getting married, and starting my life with my husband. 28 was a year of more solidly figuring out my career, becoming even more comfortable in my own skin. 28 was a year of being with friends and celebrating with family. It was a year that was jam-packed with amazing things and I am happy to celebrate how great it was.

29 what will you be? Already you are the year of learning how to be married, getting better at being selfless, and expanding my financial knowledge as an adult and homeowner. It will be a year of weddings for some of the people I love most in the world, a year of dancing, and a year of taking hundreds of pictures one night at a time. 29 you will be a year of peace and contentment and routine but don't worry, you will still have challenges and goals and spontaneity because I really can't predict any of this. 29 you will be another great year on this Earth and I am excited to live you to the best of my ability!

Here's to turning 29. It's going to be the best year yet!

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! I could have written the sections about the previous year myself -- and I turned 29 in July. :) You've definitely had many awesome experiences with wonderful ones to come. Hope it's a great year for you!


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