Thursday, January 1, 2015


I always get super emotional around New Year's Eve and this year is no different. But it's emotion in the positive sense - I love reflecting on everything that I've accomplished in the past year, all the wonderful things that have happened and all of the blessings brought into my life.

I spend a lot of time in the car driving to work and recently I've been thinking a lot about how my view on life would change if I automatically assumed that everything is for good. 

Think about it... you have to stay late at work because your boss asks you for a deliverable. If 'everything is for good' that means your boss is helping you develop your career and setting you up for success. 

Just an example, but it really makes you think. 

I really believe that people are good at their cores. Barring illness and extreme cases, everyone you meet is ultimately good. And how much better does the world look when we have this approach. I've been trying it recently and I'm going to try even harder in 2015. 

But before we jump in, let's take a look at 2014 and see how I did with those goals...

I had one resolution in 2014: Be Present. Last year I said that I wanted to focus on living 2014 and enjoying every moment of the year of my wedding.

"I will savor the little details and each once in a lifetime experience. I will relish the magazines and I will even enjoy eating extra veggies and exercising. I will glow with excitement and anticipation and feel every inch of gratitude for the support and love I receive from my family."

I can't say that I was perfect, but I think I really accomplished this goal well. My wedding was the best experience of my life. The whole planning process and the day and feeling the love of all of my family and friends and joining my life with Josh's. It's all a miracle if you ask me. And I miss it terribly. I am lucky thought that I felt every moment of it. Really. I think I cried happy tears of love and joy every day in 2014. And I am so grateful.

Which brings me to my goals for the new year. What a joy a fresh start is. Full of possibility and promise, January 1st is a clean slate. I love the sense that there is a clear end and beginning. And yes, one day feels just like the next, but it will be marked with a different number, a different chapter of my life. And since I'm still writing the book, I don't know what will happen next. Isn't it wonderful and scary and thrilling?

I have an overwhelming sense that 2015 will be my Year of Patience. The idea of patience to me is such a positive and calming concept. I've recently had a lot of changes in my little life: bought a condo, got married, changed my name, living with my husband, adopted a kitten. All of these changes are wonderful but I feel as though I am now in a place of stillness. My life does not need a lot of change right now. That is a beautiful thing. 

But for me it is also a challenging one. 

I function best when I have a clear goal and I'm knocking off action items to accomplish it. So what does that mean for 2015. If my goal is to be still, be patient, how do I accomplish that in my vigorous and determined way. 

I think the answer is -- I don't. 

2015: Year of Patience.

2015 is about being where I am right now. Instead of running roughshod over my life and making choices and taking action, it will be about opening myself and remaining still and available for new opportunities and blessings to come my way. 

Do you ever think, "What would have happened if I hadn't made a decision and took a certain path? What would happen if I actually let things come into my life and present themselves?"

Well I'm going to find out. My Grandpa always says, "Patience is a virtue." My usual retort was, "Well, it's just a virtue that I don't have." But not this year! Patience here I come!

So that's the big picture. And I'm excited about it. It will be really challenging for me. And that's the point. 

Just so you don't feel slighted though, I also have one more practical resolution: Take Home Movies. Growing up, my mom always took movies of everything and now we can watch them and giggle and feel nostalgic. Starting now, I'm taking them for my family and my life. And in 30 years, they'll be a hoot to watch!
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